Apr 7, 2011

Cricket World cup and Anna Hazzare

You may be wondering why i put these two completely different events "Cricket World Cup and Anna Hazare Movement" together? If you come to think of it, These both events are having the same affect on the Indians, both are making India United.

When India won World cup after 28 years, Whole India celebrated, there was no states, religion,caste or race. everybody were brothers and sisters celebrating India's success on the streets/house/office, distributing sweets, dancing and rejoicing.

Its time now for another game in which each and every citizen is the player, its time now for the Indian Democracy to win. Anna Hazzare has shown the path to get the Jan LokPal bill to be passed at immediately. This Bill will act as citizens ombudsman against corruption.

Many people, when possible, run from their problems rather than fight them. Only when backed into a corner do they fight. And because they are re actively fighting, rather than proactively fighting, they often don't think through their strategy.
Corruption is a good example of this. Most people don't like their government, but they are too afraid to do anything about it. It's much easier to go about your business and stay out of trouble, even if you're unhappy.

But when people get hungry, they get desperate. Hungry people are backed into a corner and have no choice but to fight. In this case, CWG scam, 2G Scam, Adarsh, etc etc can lead to government protests and the overthrow of governments—it is often fear, not conviction behind these protests.

But Anna Hazzare has started a proactive fight against the government, its we who should leave the escape mentality and take part in the fight before it gets too late.

I request all the true Networkers and RMPians to do massive Word of Mouth Publicity for campaign against corruption. We don't want talks We want Action!

11 Indians made No.1 Cricket team in the world, 120 Cr countrymen can make our country No.1 in world.. GO INDIA GO!