May 31, 2011

RMPians with President of India, MLM/ Network Marketing News and Speak Asia Online survey Company

Year 2011 can be termed as MLM news maker year. World seems to notice nothing else. So much of negative news about Network Marketing reminds me of the protest against computers in 2001 to ban computers and now no one can live without internet. Friends same thing is going to happen with Network Marketing in India.

Star News is repeatedly broadcasting the Speak Asia Online Survey Scam.
Leaving all other important news, media is behind Speak Asia. I cannot comment anything about Speak Asia personally because I have very less belief in our country's media and the government.
There is so much of corruption news and government frauds, criminal ministers and inflation, still media is behind some company's fraud. i don't get the logic, who the media is trying to save? The common man or themselves?

Media is worried that these kind of companies are cheating and fooling the innocent people. If MLM/ Network Marketing is fraud then the biggest fraud of the century according to me is Stock Market.

Maximum number of people lose their money in stock market without having any clue what they are investing in. There is SEBI to regulate Stock Market but still because of people's own ignorance they lose their hard earned money.

This has evoked lot of different reactions among our Indian friends. People who are not in MLM industry wants MLM/Network Marketing to be banned in Indian. People who have invested in Speak Asia are feeling cheated. And some other Networkers are very happy that Speak Asia company will be closed now.

My point of writing this article is to only give a message to all Network Marketers in India to Let make Network Marketing as an industry in India. By this i mean....Lets stop pulling each other legs. For example when RMPians meet some other MLM distributors, first thing we tell is your company is not good, you should join our company. But if a person from infosys meets a person from Wipro they wont talk that way. they will be glad to meet a person from the same industry and congratulate each other.

Its 'WE' who have to give Network Marketing this status in India. People should do proper research before joining any company and choose the products and Team which suits best for their personality.

And for those people who think by all this negative News MLM will be banned in India for them i have attached the photograph of Current President of India Smt. Pratibha Patil with all the Crown Diamonds of RMP in Honor to their contribution to the country. Let all of us grow together!!