Feb 7, 2011

RMP again in News today, in NewsPaper Vijay Karnataka and in Suvarna TV news 24x7

Latest news in Vijay Karnataka on 21st March 2011

 5th Feb 2011 RMP came in news again, but today two times in Newspaper and in TV Suvarna News 24x7

Today's show in Suvarna TV proved that even if one million people talk nonsense it still remains Nonsense.
Show was debate kind of thing where they invited Supporters and opponents with one representative each. RMP supporter was Mr. Ahmed fastest Crown Diamond, and opponent represented the same Ladies leader who when opens mouth talks nonsense.

When you ask God to give you courage He wont give you Courage Certificate, instead He gives you an opportunity to be Courageous . When you ask for Patience, He gives you an opportunity to be patient. when you ask for Family love and bonding, He puts you in a situation where you need to stand by your Family. When you ask Him to make you a winner, He gives you Problems. Without problem solving how can you be a winner.

Two days back RMP was a fake company at least today the debate started with "fine RMP is running successfully from 10 years but what are the measures taken to present such cheating from the distributors." Day by day debate is improving, one day it will be "How can one person become successful in RMP."

There was one more person from vijay bank who told that there is no common regulatory authority for Network Marketing in India, as there is for banks and other industries, thats true, Regulatory authority is not there, when some problems are coming only such authorities are formed. So this will be a milestone in the Network Marketing boom in India.

When Regulatory forms, only Good Companies will remain.

Imagine If a person is not getting job after he finishes his degree and post degree will he ask all the money back he invested for his education? what do we call such people who when fail, put the blame on others,Losers right! One person was telling that company should give back the money to all the people who are not able to do business, heights of shamelessness. Dont know what teachings these people give to their children..... they call themselves innocents, people came and snatched money from them it seems, Crazy!

If you know how to Eat then you should know how to work also!

Then came the issue of Product Quality, lets take an example of Fair n Lovely, it tells that you will become fair in 7 days. Many people buy it, if media is getting 1 rupee also for putting that advertisement, for population like India they can make 1000 of crores per year. This advertisement money if it is paid back to people it can create lot and lots of employment and rich people that is the essence of Network Marketing.

RMP promotes so many Branded products and is Golden opportunity for people to come out of the life of desperation and suffering.

Like All Leaders keep telling, "Nobody can fail in RMP they only Quit!"